Are you looking for research in the STEM area?  Do you hope to learn more about the integrative aspects of engineering, chemistry, math, and biology?  Then our club is perfect for you!

Meetings on Mondays of Every Month!  Check the schedule for more details.

Why join?

Computational Biology club helps students connect to professors for research opportunities. Research looks great for graduate schools, medical school, and other professional schools. Also, research opens up more opportunities for internships and jobs, and looks great on the resume. The club allows you to make connections with well-known professors. Research may lead to potential publications and the professors may provide letters of recommendations.

What is Computational Biology?

Our goal is to provide more exposure to the topic of computational biology. Computational Biology is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics via computational simulations and modeling. Various professionals involved in this field will speak at our meetings to describe how they are involved in computational biology, their research, how they were introduced to the field, and why it intrigues them. We hope to use this club as a way to connect faculty and students interested in Computational Biology so they can work together for research and academia. No background knowledge is needed! We encourage everyone to join and learn more about the subject.

Our meetings are located at 214 Cox Hall**